Little Salt Fork Marsh
Little Salt Fork Marsh


I would like to compliment The Flatwater Group on their professionalism, in regard to the projects they are involved with.

Their plans and specifications are very thorough and easy to understand. We feel we can give a complete bid on any project they design.

Rush Creek Construction, Inc has worked with The Flatwater Group on several environmental restoration and storm water retention projects.

The Flatwater Group personnel are very competent and we enjoy working with them whenever we have the opportunity to do so.

Ross Stepan
Rush Creek Construction, Inc.

My company has been fortunate to work on many Aquatic Habitat Program projects for the Commission. Without question, TFG has been the easiest firm to work with. Their designs are detailed and complete and I can quickly get questions from the field answered by engineers in their office. I always feel comfortable bidding jobs when TFG is the engineer.

I look forward to working with them on future restoration design projects.

Todd Yost
Yost Excavating, Inc.

TFG has provided the engineering design and construction oversight for the Harlan Reservoir Aquatic Habitat Project, which involved several stakeholders. TFG provided consulting services and communication with the reservoir owner (USCOE) and the two major concessionaires that were affected by this project. Design and construction consultation with the project contractor were also provided by TFG. I found that TFG was responsive to questions and field changes that occurred throughout the project. TFG provided valuable engineering and communication skills to make this project successful.

Project: Harlan County Reservoir - Gremlin Cove and Patterson Harbor Rehabilitation Project

Brad Newcomb
Southwest District Manager NGPC

As Natural Resources Coordinator for the City of Lincoln Parks and Recreation Department I oversee the Saline Wetlands Conservation Partnership consisting of several organizations involved in the conservation of Nebraska’s Eastern Saline Wetlands. The Partnership has worked with The Flatwater Group, Inc. on several projects involving these unique saline wetland areas. We appreciate our relationship with The Flatwater Group and their initiative and ability to work with the partners, local contractors, and numerous regulatory agencies that provide oversight to our varied and diverse projects. They exhibit a high level of customer service and professionalism throughout project development and a willingness to discuss and follow up on the performance of past projects.

Project: Saline Wetland Rehabilitation Projects

Tom Malmstrom
Natural Resources Coordinator
Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership

Throughout this process [lake rehabilitation], the Nebraska Game and Parks and Flatwater Group have been very proactive in soliciting our comments, concerns and ideas in this process. We have worked in a collaborative atmosphere to develop ideas and maximize funding, resulting in substantial improvements to our resources. Flatwater Group has also reached out to local interest by holding public meetings and working with our lake association and business owners. This has increased understanding of the project and developed local support. Coordination of construction activities has also reduced impacts to the recreating public and local economy.

I am very pleased with the coordination, working relationship and product that we have received with Nebraska Game and Parks and Flatwater Group.

Project: Harlan County Reservoir-Gremlin Cove and Patterson Harbor Rehabilitation Project

Jim Bowen, Operations Project Manager
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Harlan County Lake

The Flatwater Group developed the Salt Valley Greenway and Prairie Corridor Master Plan for the City of Lincoln. This was a challenging project with a large volume of information to incorporate and a wide variety of environmental considerations. TFG demonstrated an extraordinary level of commitment to the project, a creative approach to analysis, and were very accommodating in incorporating input from all the stakeholders. The completed master plan played an important role in the successful development of a broad partnership and funding package for project implementation.

Project: Salt Valley Greenway and Prairie Corridor Master Plan

Terry Genrich
Natural Resources Manager
City of Lincoln-Parks & Recreation

Nicole Fleck-Tooze
Special Projects Administrator
City of Lincoln-Parks & Recreation