Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska
Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska


Marsh Wren Saline Wetland Restoration Project

Project Client: Lower Platte South NRD
Project Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Project Categories: Wetlands

The Marsh Wren Saline Community Wetland Area is located just north of Lincoln, NE near the confluence of Little Salt Creek and Salt Creek. The primary goal of the project was to restore and enhance the hydrological features of the site to promote diverse wetland habitats including saline and fresh water wetlands. The project featured sediment removal, low head embankments, water level control structures, and localized drainage enhancements including erosion protection measures in highly erodible soils. TFG’s design provides the LPSNRD the ability to independently manage wetland cells for maximum restoration potential. The site is partially located on a disconnected floodplain with areas of little elevation change. The design involved establishing a balance between shallow excavations and embankments to separate saline and fresh water resources while maximizing the area of impounded water on the site. Water level control structures are the primary feature used to distribute water to the desired elevations and locations. Higher flows are bypassed through overflow structures. A series of sediment basins, grade control structures, low water crossings, berms, and biodegradable erosion control materials were used to stabilize the site and minimize erosion on this sensitive highly erodible site. A deteriorating small dam was reinforced and retrofitted with a water level control structure to serve as one of the primary surface flow outfalls from the site while giving the owner the ability to manage elevations in the shallow impoundment and provide access to nearby Salt Creek. A unique feature of the project was the design of a saline groundwater distribution system to enhance and maintain the salinity in the saline wetland areas. This system includes two groundwater wells to supply saline groundwater and associated appurtenances to distribute the pumped water to the site.

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