Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska
Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska


Bowling Lake Rehabilitation Project

Project Client: Nebraska Game and Parks
Project Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Project Categories: Lakes

Bowling Park Lake is located in northwest Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. The lake is a 28-acre man-made impoundment owned by the Lincoln Airport Authority (LAA) and leased to the City of Lincoln Parks & Recreation Department (City). The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) manages the fishery of the lake. Public uses of the lake include wildlife viewing, fishing, wakeless boating, ice skating, and picnicking. Bowling Lake is neither supported by a watershed nor groundwater and therefore relies on water pumped approximately 1,000 feet from nearby Oak Creek. The project goals included improvement in angler access, assessment of water source, and improvement in poor water quality caused by shoreline erosion, shallow water levels and rough fish species.

TFG coordinated with invested agencies, developed a full lake restoration plan and oversaw construction activities. Major components of the restoration included excavating and removing 120,000 cubic yards of soil, reshaping and armoring eroded shorelines, and retrofitting the existing, non-working pump system to filter rough fish species. Average depth in the lake was increased from 4 to 9 feet with an increase in maximum depth from 6 to 20 feet. Shoreline protection was achieved through a combination of rock and natural vegetation along with in-lake structures designed to reduce wave action. The existing lake fill pipeline was repaired and retrofitted with a new high capacity pump, a control panel capable of automatic or manual operation, and a self-cleaning 30-mesh intake screen designed.

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