Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska
Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska

Jack Sinn Wildlife Management Area Saline Wetland Restoration Project

Project Client: Nebraska Game and Parks
Project Location: Lancaster and Saunders Counties, Nebraska
Project Categories: Wetlands

TFG has worked extensively with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission (NGPC) on wetland creation and rehabilitation at the 2,500-acre Jack Sinn WMA through implementation of various design measures to improve and expand a complex of existing saline and freshwater wetlands within the Rock Creek watershed. The WMA is home to a threatened plant species and Salt Creek tiger beetle habitat. In order to facilitate optimal design, TFG completed a GPS survey of the entire area in fall 2001, which included over 30,000 data points. Maps were generated and then used to design berms, grade-control structures, and water level control structures that allow NGPC to manage water levels in a manner conducive to support a saline wetland environment. The rehabilitation techniques have been quite successful and have left the delicate saline wetland areas in a self-healing state. The overall design allows NGPC to control water levels to within several inches to maintain optimal salinity levels. NGPC and TFG are working on further expansion of the wetland complex and cooperating with other agencies such as the Nebraska Department of Roads.

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