Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska
Whitehead Saline Wetlands, north edge of Lincoln, Nebraska

Frank Shoemaker Marsh Wetland Restoration Planning and Design

Project Client: Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership
Project Location: North of Lincoln, Nebraska
Project Categories: Wetlands

The Flatwater Group (TFG) was contracted by the City of Lincoln Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership to provide planning, engineering design and construction oversight services for wetland restoration and habitat improvements design throughout the entire 160-acre wetland complex adjacent to Little Salt Creek. The overall conceptual design approach required consideration of the sensitive nature of the area including SCTB habitat and rare wetland plant species. By limiting the amount of intrusive components traditionally incorporated into heavy construction projects, a “less-is-more” design concept was employed by concentrating structures on fringe areas away from sensitive species. TFG utilized the Interim Stormwater Hydrology and Hydraulic Report for Lower Little Salt Creek Watershed to determine in-stream drop structures/weir elevations, bridge and associated abutment locations, and adjacent land use affects to and from Shoemaker Marsh. The overall project included strategic planning, various workshops, technical advisory team coordination, agency consultation, public meetings, permit application, adaptive management techniques, detailed funding identification and GIS coverage and CADD mapping. The completed design project includes a water quality basin, in-stream sediment/grade control structures, wetland cells and associated principal and auxiliary spillways, and habitat enhancements designed to benefit the SCTB and other sensitive species.

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